The International Bat Night (IBN), which is proclaimed by EUROBATS, has been held every year since 1997 on the last full weekend in August in more than 30 countries.

On these dates, nature conservation organisations and NGOs from all over Europe inform the public about the biology and needs of bats with presentations, exhibitions and bat walks and often offer the opportunity to hear bat sounds with the help of ultrasonic technology or to be there live during net catches.
The general date is set for the last full weekend of August; local organizers sometimes also make other dates if this is more convinient.

The date for this year’s 27th International Bat Night is the 26. and 27 August 2023.

To officially register your event with EUROBATS, click on the IBN event registration form or first visit the EUROBATS website. Your event will then appear on the EUROBATS website. Of course, we are also happy to enter your bat night in the calendar of the German Bat Observatory. If necessary, please contact info(at)

EUROBATS provides free information materials about bats (posters, stickers, flyers, publications). To order your material free of charge, please send an e-mail to eurobats[at]

International Bat Nights