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What is it about? In our nationwide project “Creation of
of a species action plan for the Leisler’s bat, which was funded by the BfN with funds from the BMUV, we would like to take a closer look at the distribution of the Leisler’s bat. The winter distribution of the species is still largely unknown. We now know from bat box inspections that there are overwintering populations in Baden-Württemberg, for example, in the foothills and in low-lying areas of the Black Forest. We would like to know how far north the wintering zone in Germany extends.
How can you get involved?
We are interested in observations from the winter half-year. Therefore, if you are looking after a bat box area, you can contribute to the project by carrying out a box check in winter 2023/24 and reporting the results of your observations to us. The following conditions should be met:
✓ Control between 1 December and 28 February to rule out the possibility that they are migrants
✓ In a warm period (mild temperatures, daytime temperatures well above 0 °C) so that the disturbance is not too great.

What information do we need from you?
In order for your control data to be incorporated into our project, we need the following:
✓ Geographical location of the caste area (a coordinate or location is sufficient for this)
✓ Information on whether there are already known occurrences of Leisler’s bats from other seasons
✓ Date of inspection
✓ Control result, in positive case with number and group sizes of the Leisler’s found
✓ If available: measurement data on the individuals found (sex, reproductive status, weight, forearm length)
In any case, you should also report to us inspections without Leisler’s bats, as this is the only way we can reach the winter distribution limit. be able to determine! We are also happy to include existing observations from previous years.

Our contact details:

Annette Kohnen

Johanna Hurst

Wigbert Schorcht

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