Our French colleagues from the Natural History Museum in Paris have launched a Europe-wide project onmigration routes (Bat migration routes in Europe)in which you can actively participate. With the help of bioacoustic recordings, the migratory behaviour of bat species that are known to migrate seasonally long distances (Nathusius pipistrellesPipistrellus nathusii, noctules Nyctalus noctula and Leislers bats Nyctalus leisleri). In the collaboration project, long-term recordings are to be collected and analyzed in order to find out more about migration patterns and to derive improved protection measures, such as for the expansion of wind energy.

In July 2021, an online seminar took place. You can access it here: https://video.ploud.fr/videos/watch/c11ae6fc-b79e-4527-8887-ecf3555737d0.

Furthermore, you can subscribe to the project’s newsletter here to receive regular updates on the progress of the project: https://bat-migration-europe.netlify.app/newsletter/



Project on bat migration in Europe