The Federal Association for Bat Conservation Germany (BVF) has published a new position paper on the expansion of the use of wind power (in GERMAN) , in which the weighing of protective goods in favor of the interests of renewable energies (RE) to accelerate the expansion of wind turbines (WEA) in the sense of simplified planning procedures is critically questioned and discussed. Furthermore, improvements in the construction and operation of the wind turbines with regard to bat protection are requested.

The requests in a nutshell:

  1. Biodiversity protection and climate protection must be considered on an equal footing
  2. The protection of individuals is an indispensable basis for the population protection of bats
  3. The influence of wind turbines on bats is systematically underestimated
  4. Development of a national population monitoring for high-risk species on wind turbines as well as the establishment of species assistance programs for species with a negative population trend, such as noctules
  5. “Density centres” are not effective as protective measures for bats and a minimum distance of 500 m to the habitats should also be maintained
  6. Stop the expansion of wind turbines in forests
  7. Permits of wind turbines only after comprehensive preliminary investigation of roost networks
  8. Suitable shutdown algorithms for all wind turbines, in particular for existing wind turbines
  9. Mandatory control of mitigation measures
  10. Waiver of technical deterrent measures, as these are not sufficiently working
  11. Expansion and operation of offshore wind energy in the North Sea and Baltic Sea only with appropriate protective measures (acoustic monitoring with shutdown algorithms)

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Federal Association for Bat Conservation Germany (BVF) questions plans of the new government with regard to the weighing of species protection in favor of wind energy
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